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How Guardianships Work In Kansas

A guardianship can provide much-needed support and care for a minor child or a vulnerable/incapacitated adult. If you are seeking a guardianship, you start the process by having an attorney file a petition in district court.

Once you are appointed by the court, you will be responsible for the ward’s safety, welfare and health, and you must act on their behalf to protect their best interests. The court oversees guardianships and requires guardians to file a report each year that details what they did for their ward. It also serves to update the court on the health and well-being of the ward.

If your ward is a minor child, you will have custody of them and will be responsible for their care, housing, education and more. When the ward is an adult, you will be responsible for their care, treatment, housing and other parts of their life. There are additional duties that your attorney can explain to you.

To have control over a ward’s finances and property, you must get a conservatorship. In some cases, it makes sense to have the same person in both roles. In others, splitting these duties is the better option. I can review the circumstances of your case and help you determine which path to take.